Power Breakfast Chocolate & Strawberry Oatmeal

Serving Size: 2

Total Time: 10 minutes


1 cup oats

1/4 cup almonds

1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

6 medium sized strawberries

2 Tbps unsweetened cocoa

2 tsp ground flaxseed

2 tsp honey (or maple syrup for vegan)

splash of coconut or almond milk (from carton)


  1. Prepare oats according to package (either by microwave or stovetop depending on oats)
  2. Split oats into two separate bowls
  3. Cut stems off of strawberries and cut length wise into halves or quarters (cut in quarters for toddlers)
  4. Split almonds, coconut shreds, cocoa, ground flaxseed, and honey evenly between both bowls
  5. Add a splash of coconut milk to each bowl (more if you like your oatmeal creamy) and mix ingredients together
  6. Enjoy!

Tips: If you want a single serving, divide the recipe in half and make one bowl! You can refrigerate extra oatmeal for the next day OR add leftover oatmeal to a smoothie for lunch!

This recipe was a game changer for the Roxbury household. Or should I say it was really just for me! I could eat chocolate all day long and now that I have a recipe that I can eat chocolate everyday and still be healthy….. I AM SO THANKFUL! My toddler loves the chocolate too and he gobbles this up every morning!


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