Carnitas Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Serves: 8-10

Total Prep Time: 30 minutes, Total Cook Time: 8.5 hours



1 tsp: salt, pepper, onion powder, cinnamon, coriander, cumin

2 tsp: chili powder


3 lbs pork (butt or shoulder) or deer roast

2 cups pineapple juice (use canned pineapple 100% juice)

1-2 cups vegetable stock

1 orange

1 onion (sweet or red)

Pineapple salsa

2, 16 oz. cans of pineapple

1 red onion

2 roma tomatoes

1 cup cilantro

1 lime

salt & pepper to taste

~ 25 corn tortillas


  1. Prep the roast the night before by mixing rub together and coating meat. Put into an air tight container in the refrigerator overnight
  2. In the morning, chop onions length wise and oranges in slices. Set onions in the bottom of the crockpot
  3. Put the roast on top of the onions and then add pineapple juice and vegetable stock to the crockpot. Be careful to place the liquids carefully as not to displace the rub. Top the roast with orange slices
  4. Cook in the crockpot on the low heat setting for 8 hours. If possible, turn the roast over about halfway through cooking. If this is not possible, turn the roast over the last hour and turn crockpot up on high
  5. Take the roast out after 8 hours and use two forks to shred the meat. Place on cooking sheet and broil the meat in the oven for 2 minutes, flip meat to its backside, and broil another 2 minutes (this is to release excess liquids)
  6. To make the pineapple salsa, cut pineapple chucks (or slices) in bite size pieces and add to large mixing bowl
  7. Dice the tomatoes and onions and chop cilantro. Add to pineapple mixture. Squeeze lime juice into mixture and add salt & pepper to taste
  8. Heat corn tortillas in a medium sized pan over medium heat. Flip tortillas when bubbles form
  9. Assemble the carnitas tacos as following: tortilla, carnitas meat, pineapple salsa, additional cilantro & lime (optional)
  10. Enjoy!

When my husband starting hunting game meat (mostly venison) we had tons of deer roasts and had absolutely NO idea what to do with them! This is by far our favorite recipe and our #1 crowdpleaser to entertain guests (I mean, who doesn’t like tacos?). If you are not a game hunter, pork carnitas will also work just fine! You can additionally top this with feta cheese & avocado for extra healthy fats!


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